Follow NRM’s Principles of Democracy, Social-Economic Transformation – Museveni Tells Youth

Friday, December 11, 2020

NTUNGAMO DISTRICT: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has advised the youth to differentiate between democracy and radicalism, adding that they must endeavor to follow the NRM principles of democracy, patriotism and social economic transformation. 

The President who was accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and sports Janet Kataha Museveni was yesterday meeting youth from Ntungamo district at Kyamate.

“Stop calling Bobi Wine radical. This is because radical means moving in the right direction but at a big speed with no compromise but people like Bobi Wine are just reactionary. Anybody against positive progress is reactionary and the violence they are generating is reactionary. Because what are they fighting for? For us we are fighting for democracy, Pan Africanism, patriotism, social economic transformation. If you are attacking people because of wearing NRM shirts, is that Democracy? You are a fascist. If you are a democrat, why don’t you want people to freely express themselves? It means you are against democracy and you want people to do what you want not what they want,” he said. 

Speaking about livelihood, President Museveni re-echoed the need for the youths to solve the issue of homestead income by shifting from the working for the stomach to working for the pocket.

“I went to Mbarara high school and observed that the people in my home were rich but they were all working for the stomach. I clarified my vision of a modern life in Africa which was to shift from subsistence to commercial farming,” he said.

President Museveni promised to give heifers to the new youth leaders of Ntungamo districts such that they can increase on their income and improve their welfare.

On land fragmentation, President Museveni encouraged the youth to desist from dividing their land because it will only impoverish their families. He reiterated that the youths must educate their parents on this matter and encourage them to create shares and divide what comes from the land which will bring them profits but not divide the land.

In her remarks, the First lady encouraged the youth to resist the things that divert them  from focusing in the right direction

“The resistance movement was founded by the people like the President, but when he founded it, he was young just like you and his vision was to fight for what was right for our homeland. He took a decision that would even take his life. So why should we now have a generation of young who want to destroy what the movement has made,” she said.

She challenged them “to go the bush” (Mobilise) for two months just like to the youthful Kaguta and his fighters had done in 1986, and get the movement re-elected to continue governing the country.

Earlier, President Museveni and the First Lady commissioned the Ntungamo- Mirama-Katigumba road project.

The project funded by the government of Uganda and Trade Market East Africa under the National Road Network, is aimed at enhancing economic development and improving on the bilateral- trade relations with it’s neighbors in the region.

The 85 billion project caters for town roads that are 3.9km around the border area of Mirama hills. The Project will also help serve as an international Northern corridor route to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.