Museveni to Leaders: Priorities Wealth Creation Programmes to Improve Incomes

Friday, November 27, 2020

KAPCHORWA DISTRICT: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is also the NRM Presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections has called on leaders prioritize wealth creation programmes where Ugandans are encouraged to work for both the stomach and for their pockets.

The President also called on the NRM leaders to embrace the line of pan Africanism starting with East Africa for the prosperity of the people of Uganda and the region in terms of trade and development.

“Because of the correct management of Uganda by NRM there is nothing important we can not do. What we need now is proper distribution of resources by the members of parliament who you are  going to elect,” he said.

The President who was on his one day campaign trail meeting to Sebei sub-region told leaders that the correct ideas and policies of NRM are better organized than all government that have run the country before.

“We as a student group started in 1965 to analyze the situation of the tribal chiefs and the post colonial governments. Identity; a long tribal and religious line was what they were concentrating on. But for us we said no, all people have similar needs and interests.  That is why we gained the upper hand and introduced this ideas to the people who liked them,” he said.

President Museveni was this afternoon meeting NRM leaders of Sebei sub-region, that comprise the districts of Bukwo, Kween and the mother district of Kapchorwa at Tuben Technical institute Boma ground in Kapchorwa.

Mr. Museveni said NRM emphasized the needs of the people that include, security, health, education and development among many others and the strategy worked in uniting the people of Uganda which led to the establishment of unity.

He added that the same line of emphasis enabled NRM to build a strong army followed by peace that attracted many investors who have helped the country to build its economy. President Museveni, using the saying of ‘wisdom is better than strength’, said the working methods of NRM of opening the factories by the investors helped to solve the problem of shortages of essential commodities, created employment for Ugandans as well as paying taxes that are used for the infrastructure development among other programs.

The President cited the road works of Kapchorwa to Suam that are on going and electricity in the sub-region that are all being implemented using Ugandan money. The NRM government is in the process of establishing a large-scale grain milling facility to value addition and job creation.

The NRM Vice Chairman Captain Mike Mukula who reminded the leaders of Sebei the political history of Uganda urged the people of Sebei to support President Museveni and all NRM flag bearers at all levels.