Museveni to Pastors, Address issue of Wealth and Health

Thursday, February 4, 2021

STATE HOUSE, ENTEBBE: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni together with the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni yesterday (Wednesday) met and held discussions with Ugandan pastors from all parts of the country who paid a courtesy visit to congratulate the President upon his victory.

President Museveni won the 2021 elections by 58.38%.

“Today we come first to congratulate you upon your victory. Our relationship with you and the NRM government is not a seasonal affair but a lasting and deep partnership for our country. Your victory is ours, Uganda’s and for Africa as well,” said Pr. Robert Kayanja of the Miracle Centre Cathedral and CEO of a Christian television Channel 44 Television who led the delegation of Born Again Pentecostal Church Leaders.

President Museveni commended the Pastors for the principled stand they took to support what is right against wrong and supporting a continuation of peace in our country. 

He appealed to the pastors and all other church leaders to join government efforts of addressing the issue of wealth and Heath of the citizens, saying that its not correct for them to abandon the people in need.

“Traditional Churches are not addressing the issue of wealth and health of our communities. It is not correct for Churches, Government and political parties to live with people in need. Am therefore happy to be joined by Churches to work on this issue” he said.

Mr. Museveni urged churches to be mobilized to work with government to wake up the 68% of the population who are still working for the stomach only, adding, that once people wake up and make money, even the politics will be stable. 

“If all people wake up and get involved in production, where are we going to sell all these products because the internal market is small.  That is why the NRM says think about Uganda and think about Africa for a wider market,” President Museveni said.

President Museveni said that the real enemies of this country’s future are the people who divert them to politics of tribes and religious sectarianism saying that the must be defeated.

“Go back and analyze your villages/communities to find out how many homes are involved in the money economy. This is the biggest war you can help us as a Church. I regard it as a sin to live with poor people,” President Museveni said.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni thanked the pastors for the good work they did and continue to do for this nation.

“Thank you God for giving us back the victory we asked you for. Thank you for the good work you did but also for the work you are still doing for this nation,” she said.

In a joint statement presented by Pr. Robert Kayanja, the pastors described the just concluded general elections as the most peaceful and commended the leadership of President Museveni that made this possible.

“It proved that when Godly people are in leadership, the people rejoice. As a father of the nation, like Moses in the Bible days, God has used you to deliver several freedoms in this country including the freedom of worship among others,” Pr. Kayanja said.

The Pastors noted what they described as a rising behavior of sectarianism which they say must be tackled and dealt with to prevent it from spreading further.

“We must resolve to deal with it. This venomous creature thrives on corruption and poverty, which is driven by elitism and un-patriotic individuals,” Pr. Robert Kayanja said.

The Pastors pledged to join government efforts of addressing the issue of wealth and jobs creation among the population especially the unemployed youth.

“The unemployment of our youth is a good problem. It reveals the success of government efforts of liberalizing education, as such we have a more literate society now than 35 years ago,” he said.

Meeting Mothers Union and Moslem Women Leaders

Later, President Museveni and the First Lady met and held discussions with the Mothers Union group and Moslem Women leaders at State House Entebbe.

Led by Ms. Lillian Ahimbisibwe, President Mothers Union Western Uganda, Mrs. Josephine Kasaato, President Mothers Union Namirembe Diocese and Hajat Namakula head of the Moslem women leaders, the mothers revealed that there is lack of information and communication of the different government programmes to the communities.

They commended government for empowering the women and girls through skilling the girl child programme which they said, brings out the power women have when they are given a chance to mobilize a community.

President Museveni urged them to embrace the four principles of NRM including; Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social Economic Transformation and Democracy.

He appealed to them to focus on the third principle of Social Economic transformation of the communities, which is the biggest current challenge the country is facing.

“The biggest problem we have here are the people working for the stomach only. We need to change our people and empower them to have an income. If you can focus on this, I will work with you,” The President said.