Nine Government officials in Lango arrested on Corruption Allegations

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Nine Government Officers from the Lango Sub-Region have been arrested on allegations of corruption, diversion of government funds and embezzlement, among other issues. 

The suspects from Dokolo District include the Acting Finance Officer, Alex Owlom, District Engineer, Thomas Codeos, Sector Works Accountant, Henry Ajwang and the Acting District Internal Auditor, Alfred Ongom. 

Officers from Alebtong District that have also been arrested on similar allegations are the Chief Finance Officer, Stephen Andeoye, District Water Officer, Bonny Otyeno, Internal Auditor, Alex Ojam and the In-Charge of Social Mobilization, Walter Moses Okidi. The Internal Security Officer of Lira District, Gilbert Winyi, has also been arrested for soliciting a Shs.100 million bribe allegedly to protect some of the officers implicated in corruption.

The accused officials were detained by Police Criminal Investigations Department after they had failed to give accountability and convincing explanations of money spent on various projects in their respective Districts of operation. 

Their detention followed a 2-day working visit to the Sub-Region by the Head of Anti-Corruption Unit in State House, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, who conducted investigative meetings with the district leaders and councilors as well as wananchi of the districts of Lira, Alebtong, Dokolo and Amolatar. Lt. Col. Nakalema urged the people of Lango Sub-Region not allow technocrats to cheat them. During the same period, Deputy IGG, George Nathan Bamugemereire, was in the same sub-region.

It is alleged that over Shs.700 million meant for government projects, was mismanaged in Dokolo District while over Shs.40 million earmarked for road works in Amolatar District had been misused with no work done. She called on them to rise up and say no to corruption.

“If we can rise to say no to corruption, by standing against what is wrong, our country will be good. It is time to clean up. We are going to do our best to ensure that the corrupt government officials must account and answer,” she added.

She urged Ugandans in general and the people of Lango Sub-region in particular not to politicize issues relating to corruption saying that corruption has eaten a lot of government money meant for service delivery to wananchi.

She stressed that people who are involved in cases of corruption should be held accountable adding that whistle blowers must be protected. She called on Police Detectives to investigate all the alleged corruption cases in the Districts of Lira, Alebtong, Dokolo and Amolatar.

Lt. Col. Nakalema further called upon Ugandans and wananchi in Lango Sub-Region to defend their resources to ensure value for money saying that the corrupt Officers should not be allowed to rob them because acts of corruption affect parents and their children. The wananchi in the Sub-Region of Lango, commended Lt. Col. Nakalema and her team for fighting corruption, which, they observed, has given a bad name to NRM Government. ENDS