President Proposes Extra State Minister Slot, Commends Caucus on Solidarity

Monday, June 7, 2021

KOLOLO CEREMONIAL GROUNDS: President Yoweri Museveni has proposed an extra slot for a State Minister in his new government, an idea that was overwhelmingly supported by the NRM Parliamentary caucus sitting at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds today.

The NRM Parliamentary Caucus unanimously approved the proposal by President Museveni to broaden the cabinet from 79 Ministers and Ministers of State from the current 79 to 80.

“I am only asking for one slot of a State Minister to raise the number from 79 to 80. Those who agree say aye,” he asked to a resounding affirmative approval by members of the NRM caucus.

The President who is also the National Chairman of NRM was this afternoon meeting members of the NRM caucus at Kololo ceremonial grounds.  

He highly commended members of the Caucus for their solidarity during the recent election of the Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

“You behaved like parties behave. Politics is not what you want as an individual but it is what you want as a group for the good of the country,” he said.

He congratulated NRM members of Parliament upon being elected to the August house.

The MPs were today starting the process of expressing their interest in the Parliamentary committees of parliament.

The President informed the legislators that the idea of moving alone as a political individual was not a viable one but a distortion.

He reminded members of NRM Caucus of the resolve he and other patriots took when Amin came to power to resist the regime as its leader would not understand the main aim of the student group that was out to unite the people of Uganda and liberate countries in Africa.

“It was clear that Amin could not understand our aim - to unite the people of Uganda and for the unity of Africa,” he said.

He noted that he fled the country for Dar as salaam in Tanzania on the 26th of January 1971 at the age of only 26 years old and together with other patriots, started the struggle against Idi Amin.

“What changed… we the few built a force and in politics you must act as a force,” he said.

President Museveni also cautioned NRM members of parliament to avoid the issue of factions, as they do not add any value to the party.

The President allayed fears that some of the supporters of the former Speaker of Parliament would be victimized stressing that no one will be victimized.

“I am the head of the party, nobody will be victimized all members will be treated equally,” he said.

He pledged to announce the new cabinet soon beginning with the Vice President and the Prime Minister who will then kick start business in the House. 

The Secretary General of NRM Hon. Kasule Lumumba and her Deputy Richard Todwong as well as the entire administration of NRM secretariat attended the meeting.