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Unsung Heroes of the NRA/M Revolution

Ugandans in their twenties may not be familiar with the title SDA - Special District Administrator, the precursor to the current Resident District Commissioner.  As the Resistance war drew to a close in 1985, there emerged a challenge of governing territory under NRA Controlled areas.   Officials in local government in those areas had either fled or absconded.


Quite often Public Servants miss out on a critical element at point of entry in public service and historically, RDCs have been among those.  This was the first time ever, that RDCs & their Deputies had a proper orientation soon after appointment.  This is a cohort of mostly newly appointed officials from varied backgrounds with a few of the retained older ones.  Feedback we got as facilitators of this retreat was that it was highly appreciated and they felt re-tooled; re- energised and properly equipped to go to their districts and deliver.  The retreat was so insightful that they requ

28 Years of NRM, Reflections of a Cadre

January 26th, popularly known as NRM day in Uganda is a remarkable day- in the sense that it is unlike any other day on Uganda’s historical calendar.  This is the day Uganda was liberated by an organised armed rebellion NRA, under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.  In his swearing in statement, he declared: “This is not a mere change of guard, it is a fundamental change”.  For the impressionable young people, this was music to our ears.  We were teenagers in the despotic Amin times, young students in the chaotic Obote/Okello regimes and badly needed q

Mumbere Should Blame Himself for Desecrating his Throne

Most pundits as expected have heaped all the blame of the current tribal conflict in the Rwenzori region to President Yoweri Museveni.  Among those peddling the blame games is none other than the cultural leader for the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere.
The critics are accusing the president for having a tendency of recognizing minority tribes who seek to have their own identities from the dominant tribes in the various kingdoms and chiefdoms across the country.

Calls to Disband the Electoral Commission are Misdirected

The call to disband the Electoral Commission by members of the opposition is driven more by emotions and fury that is fuelled largely by misinformation and lack of information.  For quite some time opposition parties in Uganda have been crisscrossing the country telling members of the public that as a country we need electoral reforms before the 2016 general elections. They are also for the demanding disbandment of the current Electoral Commission (EC) under Eng. Badru Kigundu.

Military Use in Civil Sectors is not a Strange Phenomenon

 A lot of hullabaloo has so far been made after President Yoweri Museveni said that he will consider deploying some Military officers at each district to oversee the implementation of the redesigned NAADs programme .

Thanking Justice Bart Katureebe and Colleagues at The Supreme Court

On Tuesdays 24th June 2014, Ugandans were treated to the most reassuring news in the recent times. The Supreme Court threw out the most obnoxious deal in form of court settlement between Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and city businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba. Basajjabalaba needs no introduction to Ugandans. His numerous transcations with government have raised eyebrows and in most cases matters have been settled through courts of laws.

Besigye and Colleagues in Civil Society are Becoming Artifact of Paranoia

Once again former FDC party president Kizza Besigye and now political activist is at it again penning several missives and engaged in talk shows but as usual putting across a stale political package.
His new pet subject is electoral reforms which interestingly is a welcome idea across the political divide.  Both government and opposition seem to agree that some constitutional amendments are required to further make the electoral process more credible through conducting a cleaner and fair election.

Besigye is Very wrong on Brig. Muhoozi Recruitment into the UPDF

Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, the German academic and politician once remarked that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. “If you lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it”, Goebbels is quoted to have said.
Reading Dr Kizza Besigye long missive in the Sunday Monitor of June 29, the retired army officer unsubstantiated remarks about Brig. Muhoozi Keinerugaba left me with no option but to believe that Besigye was attempting a Goebbels’s philosophy.    

Is Uganda more democratic and safer than it was 30 years ago?

Is Uganda more democratic and safer than it was 30 years ago? Is Uganda more democratic and safer than it was 30 years ago? Is Uganda more democratic and safer than it was 30 years ago?