Opinion Posts

Counting NRM Gains Amidst Negativity

May, 14, 17  
Two weeks of Dir. Stella Nyanzi’s political saber-rattling with profanity that gave the media shouting headlines like ‘pair of buttocks’ and pads for school girls, one would imagine that is all there is in Uganda’s political discourse, when in fact so much good progress is underway. But now that she is securely remanded in Luzira prison over infractions with the law, one hope is that some sense will prevail, especially to know and appreciate that in the long run it doesn’t pay to always be the outlier in society.

NRM Cadres Should Learn to be Honest

March, 7, 17
For the last three weeks, Odrek Rwabwogo, has been taking censure in sections of the tabloid media for daring to question, and also propose the political, and policy paradigm the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and indeed Uganda is taking. Not surprisingly the most vigorous and virulent, although misplaced attacks have come mainly from some NRM cadres who believe he used the wrong forum, the public media to seek an open discourse on issues he believes are of national importance.

Tribute to Maumbe Mukhwana

Life is a wily conundrum. Within its seeming bustle, stalks an unwelcome phenomenon we call death. By the harshness and finality of this said death, we are once again confronted with a sad reality. Jack MaumbeMukwana, with whom we were accustomed to share every weal and woe of living, is now no more.