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Besigye’s loose-bitter Tongue, UPDF in DRC and US kangaroo Sanctions

Slowly but surely Kizza Besigye is coming to the end of his times as the leading let alone reasonable opposition voice in Uganda and therefore his recent ‘demand’ that the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) withdraws immediately from its current offensive against the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) terrorists who have used the DRC as their fertile ground should be treated with scorn coming from a terrorist apologist.

Farewell to the Century of US belligerent Foreign Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has blindshielded the world from other equally serious global issues like America's ongoing change of course. It's three months since the US beat a hasty, chaotic and humiliating retreat from Afghanistan upon defeat by the Taliban it ousted twenty years ago in a war of occupation where it installed and propped a puppet regime. The rapid and unceremonial collapse of President Ashraf Ghani's regime left US policy and craftsmanship in shumbles.