Opinion Posts

Gains for women and Girls; a Journey well Covered

Women’s struggle for equality has been a long battle that still continues into the present day. All over the world, there is a natural order that places women in a different bubble from men. This of course disadvantages the woman, who ideally is supposed to be submissive to the man, be obedient and in some cases the woman is not allowed to make decisions that affect her livelihood.

Venezuela; The Jackals never forget or Forgive

In 2003, the US and its European allies got away with a massive global disinformation against Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction which sixteen years after Iraq’s conquest haven’t been found. The cabal then descended on Syria, and Libya, both now destroyed under the same guise, but fortunately, today the jackals are beating a humiliating retreat in Syria, thanks to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

Besigye, FDC, and the End of Political Reason

Last week, the often colourful opposition politician, Kizza Besigye in yet another besmirched ceremony, unveiled what he described as a ‘peoples government and assembly’, with himself atop as the ‘peoples’ president. It is worth remembering that in 2016, soon after the elections, Besigye secretly took a fictitious ‘oath’ as the ‘peoples’ president complete with ‘cabinet ministers’. He then vowed that he would cause an international audit to the election results claiming had been stolen from him.

The Safety of Journalists is Critical for Development

African countries continue to be rated very low in regard to freedom of expression, media freedom, safety and protection, and ending impunity against journalists. According to Press Freedom Index Report by Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda, a local advocacy group, at least 113 cases of violations and abuses were reported in 2017. The report highlights laws it describes as draconian laws that still remain in force, and restricting press freedom in Uganda, among them, the Penal Code Act, Anti-Terrorism Act (2002), and Computer Misuse Act (2013).