By Ofwono Opondo

From Museveni to Museveni; The haters can now go on fool’s Errand

The presidential inauguration held on Wednesday this week at the Kololo Independence Grounds, passed off well, and hugely a success with eleven Presidents, Heads of State, and twelve delegations from across the world attending in personally, defying the Covid19 pandemic. Locally, close to five thousand Ugandans mostly leaders from districts, parliament and Cabinet, all tested for Covid19 three days earlier and found to be negative also in attended in person.

The Uganda-Kenya Maize and Toilet paper Trade dispute is Healthy

The ongoing trade dispute between Uganda and its regional leading trade partner Kenya over sugar, maize, milk, table eggs, rice, beverages, furniture, pharmaceutical products, stationery, facial tissue and toilet paper quality is a good war because it represents real survival and prosperity issues for the two countries. At the centre are mutual suspicions and accusations that some goods are substandard or smuggled into each other’s market from non-EAC members.

Besigye, Kyagulanyi are Vultures Hovering over Cyprian Lwanga’s Grave

After Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, 68, was found dead in his bed in Lubaga last Saturday morning, Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi posted on social media mean spirited innuendos that appeared to endorse a fringe and absurd conspiracy theory that government killed him. Besigye’s post titled “The sudden and “unexplained” death of Archbishop Kizito Lwanga-Spotlight on Mr.

We must learn to carry our own Cross

Early this week I found myself wrongly in the news being accused with other senior NRM and government officials of ‘disliking’ and ‘fighting’ the outgoing Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, which claims are contemptuous and shouldn’t pass unchallenged otherwise it becomes a tradition. Without repudiating President Yoweri Museveni’s counsel on handling internal contradictions, l hold that mutual respect must be accorded to all view points in a national discourse.

Parliament Speakership and Hiring External Political Dogs of War

The race for Speaker of the Eleventh parliament is gaining a vicious trench warfare with incumbent Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga on Wednesday launching her ‘’national campaign team’’ presumably to attract appeal across party lines. It was also an effort to steamroll her deputy Jacob Olakori Oulanyah who has declared intentions to challenge her reminiscent of the 2016 acrimony in which Oulanyah was persuaded by the NRM CEC to give away.

Adieu John Pombe Magufuli, and Reflections on Covid19

In the past one year of the Covid19 pandemic, the East Africa Community (EAC) has lost two sitting Heads of State, Pierre Nkurunziza who died on June 20, 2020, and now John Pombe Joseph Magufuli both at relatively young age of 55 and 61 respectively under clouds of suspicion that Covid19 could have known them down. Officially Nkurunziza died of ‘cardiac arrest’ while Magufuli is said to have been suffering from chronic atrial fibrillation for more than a decade.

Journalists Aiding Robert Kyagulanyi’s False Political Tongue

The sensational recent presidential loser, Robert Kyagulanyi, pulled out of his election petition in the Supreme Court, announced that he had gone to the court of public opinion and called for protests supposedly to ‘reclaim’ his stolen victory. Clearly Kyagulanyi is in a meltdown trapped in his psychodrama treading on a rat path previously used by Kizza Besigye and Kenya's Raila Amolo Odinga. So far, the public countrywide has ignored him, even when he took his crocodile tears to parliament on Thursday.